Wikispace in the Classroom

For each of my classes I utilize a wikispace for classroom information, organization and communication. Below are several examples in which I have used my class wikispace in the classroom. I have included a screen shot and an explanation of each assignment. If there is a handout for the assignment, I have included it under the screen shot.


This is the homepage for my English 12 Honors class. On the left-hand side of the page I have links to external pages that relate to the material being taught in the class. I also have internal pages for student handouts, assignments and project organization. I have links to the class syllabus, instructions for printing, COW computer numbers and the class writing work submission policy.

I also have photos of some of the authors we cover. The author photos are links to the prominent website for that particular author. Students can utilize this information for research and critical analysis. The websites are all peer reviewed, academic sources.