photo.jpegMy name is Andrew Marcinek and I am a high school English teacher and Instructional Technology Specialist. It is my goal to combine my range of experience with classroom technology and my ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic, intelligent educator who will make a positive contribution to your school community

My experience incombining technology and education spans several years inside and outside of the classroom. Most recently I assumed the duties of Instructional Technology Coordinator at Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia Charter School. I maintained the school’s website and instructed teachers in new ways of integrating instructional technology into their classroom. In July of 2010, I organized a one-day conference in Philadelphia called “ntcamp”. This conference was designed with new teachers in mind, but also brought together veteran teachers to share best practices in instruction and technology. The conference generated many sponsors and was attended by over fifty people and received over one hundred and fifty views via our online streaming video.

In my role as Instructional Technology Coordinator I taught teachers and students how to integrate technology by using Wikispaces, Google Apps Suite, Learner Blogs, Flickr tools, Podcasts, and Windows Movie Maker. Also, I drafted the instructional technology integration plan at Boys’ Latin and developed technology integration plans for each content area department. In addition to my previous teaching experience, I author a learning blog that focuses on classroom technology and developing personal learning networks within schools. I am also employed as a Instructional Technology blogger for Edutopia and Edudemic.